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Located in the Venice lagoon, the island of Burano is well known for its colored houses. Its inhabitants commonly put curtains in front of their entrance doors, which mark the transition between private and public space. This allows to preserve their privacy from tourists and to ventilate while protecting their interiors from the heat. These curtains, which can be found on most of the Burano’s façades, contribute to the aesthetics of this mythical place.

The Burano lamp is inspired by this practice and more broadly by the relation between the curtain and the natural light. It is made of a fabric piece fixed on a wall element that contain the light source. A gap is created between the fabric and the wall, which acts as a reflector. When turned off, the lamp symbolizes an opening towards the outside. When turned on, it diffuses a light that may look natural.

Each element of the lamp can be dismantled. It allows the lamp to come in a compact packaging, and the fabric part to be washable. The fabric has been selected for his translucent aspect and its ability to diffuse light. It is bordered with an overlock, for a clean and discreet finish that doesn’t interfere with the light.   

Product : wall lamp
Year : 2023
Materials : powder coated aluminium, fabric, pmma, led
Dimensions : 70 x 40 x 9,5 cm
Production : prototype
Pictures : paulineplusluis