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Carmen is a ceiling lamp made of a pleated fabric corolla that surrounds a luminous disc. The pleated fabric is used for its interesting aesthetic aspect and its structural properties. It allows, thanks to its pleats, to create a large self-supporting fabric disc without any structure. The aluminium central piece contains the light source that is hidden under a translucent plexiglas. At the same time, this central piece hold in its external side the fabric corolla and creates its circular shape and rigidity. Carmen, imposing but light and airy, creates a luminous and pleasant atmosphere.

Client - Hartô
Year - 2019
Product - Pendant lamp
Materials - Steel, pleated fabric
Light source - Integrated led, 12W, dimmable
Dimensions - Ø 50cm, Ø 90cm, Ø 120cm
Pictures - Julien Renault